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Shanghai Dortmund jade——DTYS1007A
  • Jade wall of setting of product use:
    1. Home decoration: TV setting wall, sofa setting wall, bedroom setting wall, dining-room setting wall, corridor wall, etc.;
    2. Places of business: hotel, office buildings, apartment, hotel, airport, etc.;
    3. Leisure clubs, KTV, beauty salons, foot bath, film and television institute, etc.;
    4. Large exhibition, exhibition, exhibition, booths, etc.
    Product features
    1. The adornment effect is good, but free DIY puzzle, ever-changing pattern lead decoration trend;
    2. Environmental performance is strong, non-toxic, tasteless, the prevention, thermal insulation, fire prevention, it is not easy deformation, no pollution;
    3. Install the speed: simple installation, easy maintenance.
    Contact phone: 021-61532641 miss Yang

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